Keeping in Touch with Grandkids When They Don’t Live Close

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Grandma was deeply saddened when she found out her son was moving his family to another state. She was also excited because it was a happy move for his growing career and family, but he and his wife had the first grandkids. The year old twins would be moving to another state, far far away.

Trips to visit in person would now be farther apart, but with today’s technology a photo or video is just a click away. Our family maintains regular contact via mobile calls, texts, and videos. With Facetime on the iPhone or iPad, we enjoy live video calls. But with the active grandkids, the camera angle was never quite right, and it didn’t zoom or pan to follow their boundless energy. And the audio seemed a little weak. The experience just wasn’t quite what it needed to be. But Grandma didn’t complain, because she was spending precious time with her grandkids, and that’s all the mattered.

Enter the Facebook Portal. Our oldest son saw a Portal and thought this would be great for keeping in touch, especially for Grandma and the grandkids. Grandpa had some reservations about the Portal at first. It’s not a portable device like a phone or tablet, and you and your video partners must each have a Facebook account. But those reservations quickly faded when he saw how easy it was to setup and use the Portal.

Each family has a Portal Plus. To call the kids and grandkids, you just say “Hey Portal, call ‘their name’”. The video is excellent. The high resolution camera pans and zooms to follow movement in the room. The speakers are great and deliver loud and clear voices. And when the visit is over, just say “Hey Portal, hang up”. How much easier can it be?! Grandma can barely wait until the twins learn how to say, “Hey Portal, call Grandma!”

Click the image below to view a Portal introduction video on Facebook.

Grandma and Grandpa get to see and interact with the grandkids almost every day. We have a Portal call around dinner time to watch the kids eat in their high chairs, and then play in the den before bed. It’s a really great time with lots of laughing and running. The now year and half old twins recognize and interact with Grandma on the Portal with lots of chattering, smiling, and waving. The video and audio and camera tracking are that good!

The Portal allows for multiple people in a call so all family members can join in for a group video call. They can even use their mobile phones or tablets if they don’t have access to their Portals. When not in use, it displays local weather information, Facebook photos, or plays music along with a variety of other apps.

Click the image below to see an entertaining video of Portal at the Long’s house (remember to enable the volume).

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Their is nothing more precious to grandparents than inclusion and the gift of time. And grandkids need exposure to their grandparents. So get started today!

Happy videoing!

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