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We are a Mom, a Dad, a Grandma, and a Grandpa, with two beautiful twin babies (a boy and a girl).  We are passionate about the safety and development of our children. Your children. All children. From newborn to infant to toddler and beyond.

Children deserve the right to grow up and follow their dreams.  As parents and grandparents we want to do everything within our power to provide them a safe and secure environment, ensuring every opportunity for growth and development.  We want to protect them from harm, especially when it might have been preventable.

There is so much to learn and so much to do in raising babies today.  There are so many products and choices, so many opinions, it’s almost impossible to evaluate them all and make the best choices for your child.

Our goal is to help.  The focus of this website is to identify and promote the best choices.  It is a starting point with comparative information for some of the key product purchases you will make for your child.  Products that may well be life saving.

We have started with car seats and will expand soon.  Each product category will have an information guide page and a comparison page. Selecting a product link on the comparison page will take you to one of our affiliate sites where you will find a wealth of additional information, reviews, and the opportunity to purchase.

We also have a blog.  At first, our posts will be product oriented, but our goal is to also share our experiences, re-post the experiences of others, and create a community for sharing, learning, and growing.

We so hope you find this information helpful.  Follow and share us on social media. Join our mailing list for special promotions.


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